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Static web hosting specialists feature a command line interface or terminal to execute commands and integrate with code repositories and online projects. The nuts-and-bolts approach allows for continuous integration and deployments, along with high levels of automation.

Hosting Website

We write tons of code to make an awesome, effective, and useful website. Initially, we can see that website on localhost but to make it public we need domain and hosting. Domain purchasing and hosting websites cost a lot of money. For test purposes, we can use free domains and sub-domains to host the website. Today we are going to list website where you can host your website for free of cost.

GitHub Pages

You can host your webpage online using GitHub. You need to create a repository for your website and put all the source code in it. You can find deploying and hosting in the setting section.

GitHub Pages
  • PROS
  • Free
  • Right on GitHub
  • Set up Instantly
  • Easy to learn
  • CONS
  • Less Control over Domain
  • Bad Cache
  • Bad SSL Support
  • Bad Cookies system

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is an integrated provider of cloud-based computing solutions. One of the Services they provide is Web Site Hosting.

Amazon Web Services
  • PROS
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Free tier for 1 year
  • New Innovation and Technology
  • CONS
  • Sometime maze for beginners as they provide a lot of services
  • The pricing can get high
  • Sometimes downtime happens


Wiz is mostly for people who don't want to code or don't know about coding a website. They have a number of templates and they use your choice to personalized the website according to your requirement.

  • PROS
  • Good Site Speed
  • Massive Template Collection
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Market Your Site Easily
  • CONS
  • Free Plan Forces Wix Branding
  • Tracking and Analytic require a paid plan
  • Premium Plans are for Single Site
  • Sub-domain is not that great


Netlify lets you create a website using the repository on the git platform. You just need to pick the repository and run the deploy command. After completion of deployment, your site will be live.

  • PROS
  • Fastest Static Hosting and Continuous Deployment
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Free SSL Support


There are very fewer cons but some can be

  • Confusing UI
  • Pricing Structure


Weebly is the same as Wix, you do not need to write code. It is a clean and cut site builder. Great for e-commerce and personal website.

  • PROS
  • Solid Site Speed
  • High Design Flexibility with Themes
  • Editor is Simple and Easy to Use
  • CONS
  • Freeloader Stuck on the Weebly domain
  • Limited Blogging Tool
  • Pay for more Help

Zeit / Versel (Now)

Zeit logo

Behind a mission to make cloud computing accessible to everyone, Zeit promises zero-configuration static hosting that integrates with a variety of web frameworks. By installing the command line interface, users can publish and deploy in just a few keystrokes. The platform’s automatic SSL security and smart CDN don’t require any setup, providing an all-in-one solution for static and JAMstack deployments. Premium plans add unlimited deployments and greater collaboration tools.

  • Number of sites: Unlimited websites
  • Storage and bandwidth: Up to 10,000 files and 20GB of bandwidth per month
  • Domains: Custom domains supported or subdomain
  • Key features: HTTPS support, smart CDN, continuous deployment with GitHub and GitLab

Gatsby Cloud

The Gatsby Cloud hosting service was created by the Gatsby team itself. As such, it’s designed to support the best parts of the platform.

You may prefer this host if you want to keep all of the tools you use to build and support your site in the same company. This gives you access to across-the-board support. Additionally, the plans focus on traffic, making it helpful if you have intentions to scale up.

The main attraction of this host may be how it’s optimized to work with Gatsby on the whole. However, it also has other stand-out features, such as:

⚙️ Features:

  • The delivery of all static web assets on a powerful content delivery network (CDN) to handle any traffic spikes and improve global performance
  • Intelligent image caching and incremental builds for quick-loading interfaces
  • A combination of both local development and cloud-based tools


Firebase logo

With the powerful backing and oversight of Google, Firebase gives mobile and web application developers tons of tools to move quickly online. Users can run static or dynamic sites on Google’s SSD-powered infrastructure, with built-in analytics, performance monitoring, and crash reporting tools to help site owners optimize and perfect their site. Google further expanded its static hosting footprint in 2015 by snatching up DivShot, another popular brand in the free hosting space.

  • Number of sites: Multiple websites within a single Firebase project
  • Storage and bandwidth: 1GB storage and 10GB bandwidth per month
  • Domains: Custom domain name or subdomains on and domains
  • Key features: Zero-configuration SSL certificates, global CDN, A/B testing, and analytics


Forge logo

Billed as the fastest, simplest, and most affordable way to host and deploy static websites, Forge takes publishing beyond GitHub or the command line interface by including built-in Dropbox compatibility. The user-friendly platform includes a drag-and-drop interface for file syncing, as well as TurboJS and content delivery network integration to optimize page load speeds. Bandwidth restrictions make the free plan tough to stay in for the long haul, but we love that Forge comes with 24/7 support.

  • Number of sites: Unlimited publishing on one project
  • Storage and bandwidth: 5GB of storage and 1GB bandwidth per month
  • Domains: Custom domains supported
  • Key features: Hosted forms, .htaccess rewrites and redirects, plus live site previews

Everything you need to launch.

Host: Everytime you create a repl, we automatically host it on our servers.

Deploy:Your apps are always live with an instantly sharable link. Creating a repl is deploying.

Run: Instantly run and share your apps, with no deployment process.

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