Simplify Your Hosting Experience Even More With Static Site Generators

Web Hosting Jun 6, 2021

When it comes to getting a static website off the ground, many traditionalists and old-school programmers will simply open their favorite text editor and start coding. For many others, however, a static website generator will do the trick. Much like the best website builders that offer visual ways to design dynamic websites, static site generators work to pair your content with a design template and produce static HTML code as a result. Check out the list of top generators and frameworks, according to the experts at StaticGen:

Again, selecting a static website generator is similar to the steps taken when weighing how to choose a web host. Have a clear and detailed picture of your project’s needs and goals to inform your decision-making process. From there, you’ve essentially got two paths to choose from: do you seek out the highest number of built-in features or the stripped-down and efficient platform with a vibrant plugin marketplace?

Fortunately, many of the best static site generators are based around open-source projects and technologies. After choosing a cheap or free static web hosting plan from the list above, you’ll have numerous options to demo, try, and experiment with. Take your time to learn which types of site creation processes you value the most, whether it’s pure usability or efficient build times. Enjoy exploring the freedoms and possibilities that static site generators give you!


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