What’s the difference between paid and free web hosting?

Free Web Hosting Jun 6, 2021

Today, having a web presence is essential for all businesses. To establish a web presence, you will need a website, and for it to stay online, it needs a reliable web hosting service.

So what is reliable? Does “Paid Hosting” mean better and more reliable service, or “Free Hosting” means the best?

Here are the main differences between paid and free hosting services, which will allow you to understand better and help you to choose the worth option for your website.

Often free hosting and paid hosting offers the same network bandwidth and page loading. The only difference is in the hosting features, including security, data transfer, customer support, disk storage, additional email accounts, and so on.

Storage: If you are looking Web hosting for any ordinary website or new business website, the data storage space provided by a free hosting service might be enough. It takes time to develop a website and build up adequate visitors to maximize storage. But if the business is already well-established in the market, you will need additional disk storage, and for that, you have to upgrade your service to pay the hosting.

Speed, Bandwidth, and Data transfer: Free website hosting has low Bandwidth, low speed, and less data transfer capacity, while paid website hosting gives you optimal Bandwidth and data transfer for maximum availability. You also can’t upload more images or videos when using the free hosting service because you don’t have enough disk space.

Customer Support: In many cases, the website may crash, or something is wrong, but there is no customer support, hence the data loss. In such situations, paid web hosting services to provide technical assistance to customers, but they also offer helpful tutorials, guides, etc.

Advertisements on your website: Free web hosts show useless banners, pop-up messages, or any other ads on your site over which you have no control. If you also have partial control, you can only decide the size of the banner on your site. You will have no control over the advertising that you post on the website. On the contrary, when you get paid web hosting, you have total control over your site, and no stranger can decide for it.

In conclusion, unless your website requires the specific features offered by paid hosting plans, free hosting services could be all you need, primarily if you aim to save money without compromising performance.


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