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Pro Tips for Google Search

Jul 24, 2022

Why Googling is Must Have Skill?

Googling is the most important skill a developer. Most people don’t know how to google. Googling require a certain ingenuity and hack in order to find exactly what you are looking for. You don’t have to stop googling if the search engine is not finding your first query. There are many tricks you can use and here you can find the pro tips.

I tell people, ‘I have a Ph.D. from Google University.’ —Kris Carr
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So, here are the 11 pro tips to make you an efficient googler.

1. Quotations (" ")

If you want to get results with exact phrases, put the words inside quotes " ". Using quotes " ", google will only show results that have the exact words.

🔎 Example Search: "html 2021"

2. Asterisk ( * )

You can use ***** to fill missing words or phrases. This makes searching easy and will help you get the best results.

🔎 Example Search: how to * in JavaScript

3. Range ( ... )

You can use ... to search within a range of numbers. It makes searching easy for number related topics, such as years, versions and so on.

🔎 Example Search: JavaScript in 2010....2020

You can use search: to search anything within a website. Using this, you can directly search from google without switching from different websites.

🔎 Example Search: javascript arrays

5. AND

To find the results that must contain some given words, AND operator will be super useful. Helps in solving many problems in real life.

🔎 Example Search: React AND CSS

6. Filetype:

Using filetype, we can fetch results that are in a definite filetype. This will help in finding ebooks, docs etc.

🔎 Example Search: React ebook filetype:pdf

7. OR

We can use OR Operator to get the result of one of the search terms. This will fetch results that should either have the first word or the second word.

🔎 Example Search: React OR Vue masterclass

8. Define:

Using Define: we can find the definition of particular words. It will help a lot in understanding the words, also become handy in exams or so.

🔎 Example Search: define:oops

You can use related: to find sites that are similar to other sites and do the same purpose. This will become super handy if you're looking for an alternatives of a site.

🔎 Example Search:

10. Plus ( + )

You can use + between two words to get results that must contain the two given words. This is very helpful if you find something that should be related with the other one.

🔎 Example Search: JavaScript Oops+React

11. Hyphen ( - )

You can use hyphen - exclude certain words from results. This will ultimately help in retrieving the results you only wanted to, blocking spam stuffs.

🔎 Example Search: react js -github

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